What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method

hypnobirthing book coverHypnoBirthing trained educators are dedicated in providing a tried and proven birth education that teaches not only the physiology of the innate Birthing System of woman's bodies but also concentrates on empowering mothers and their partners through self hypnosis, meditation, visualization, fear releasing exercises, and so much more!!!


Founded by Mary Mongan in 1989, a Master Hypnotherapist, licensed Counselor, and former Dean of Woman's College in the US.

Marie Mongan has received many awards, here are just a few:

  • Lifetime Acheivement from the International Association of Counselors and Therapist 2013.
  • Number 1 in Natural Childbirth from One World Birth Club 2011.
  • Educator and Ambassador for the Bridge for Peace Foundation, in Moscow, Russia.


HypnoBirthing® is the belief that when there is a healthy mother and baby, childbirth need not become a medical event with severe discomfort and pain, but a more empowering ,peaceful, rewarding and comfortable event!

HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method trained educators are dedicated in providing pregnant women and their partners a proven birth education that guides and assists couples with an opportunity to explore Birthing possibilities that are available to them, and in the absence of special circumstances, to step into a Birth plan that most nearly matches their vision.