Course Overview

The course is designed to prepare you and your partner fully for your coming birth.


  • Private 10-12 hour online course (including all course material): $259

Class 1

Philosophy of HypnoBirthing®

  • History of women and birthing (pros and cons)
  • De-hypnotising common fearful beliefs, myths and practices
  • Learning about the Amazing Women’s Reproductive System
  • Understanding the importance of learned relaxation protocols to help eliminate “The Fear Response to Birthing”
  • How being taught self-hypnosis and deep relaxation creates positive birth outcomes
  • Laws of the mind and change, psycho-physical associations
  • Videos and relaxation
  • Hypnotherapy exercises

Class 2

Pre-Birth Parenting/Bonding, Preparing Body and Mind

  • Scripts and affirmations
  • Letters for Mom and Dad
  • Help in deciding your own birth plans
  • Selecting and educating Care Providers to your birth plan
  • Choice of birthing environment for Hospital, Birth Centers and Homes (pros and cons)
  • Specialized breathing techniques for all stages of labor
  • Techniques, exercises and hypnosis scripts for quick and easy relaxation
  • Specialized massage techniques for partner
  • Specific body toning exercises and positions to help correct baby’s descent throughout the final month
  • Releasing limiting thoughts
  • Video and Hypnotherapy scripts

Class 3

Importance of Advanced Visualization

  • Preparing your body for child birth (nutrition, water, exercise)
  • Powerful analgesic exercises and scripps for labor and birth
  • Further discussions with all your care providers, family/friends
  • Stages of birthing/hallmarks of advanced labor
  • Partner’s important role
  • Preparation of hospital room/tour, and/or your own home
  • Babies journey down the birthing path
  • Special medical circumstances
  • Role of a Doula
  • Videos, exercises, and Hypnosis scripts

Class 4

Releasing emotions, Fears and Limiting thoughts

  • Overview and summary of child birth & birthing YOUR Baby
  • Beware of pre-labor tricksters
  • Importance of partners role
  • Hospitals, what to expect, when to go, preparing room
  • Sharing birth plan with nursing staff, etc.
  • Mom’s and partners affirmations
  • List of questions/responses for care provider and nurses
  • Clearing up misconceptions about labor
  • Possible options/considerations before interference
  • Understanding when to accept interferences from staff
  • Videos, scripts, exercises

Class 5

Birthing the Perfect Design - Final Act

  • Review of scripts, affirmations, visualizations, breathwork
  • Important positions throughout labor and birth
  • The Birth Afterglow/Bonding
  • The importance of quiet at home bonding
  • Proper breastfeeding
  • Videos/ HypnoBirthing® scripts

Additional Services


Doulas are professionally trained in childbirth, providing educational, physical and emotional support for moms and their partners in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Doula's main purpose is to help mothers have a safe, memorable, empowering birth experience.

I will go the extra mile to make your birth experience as wonderful as possible!!!

  • Additional Doula Support: $800 (total, with HypnoBirthing® course)

Flipping Babies

Learn extra positions and exercises which will help balance out your birthing body. This helps facilitate an easier labor and delivery.